How to Choose a Watch Winder

Like other products, watch winders are available in a great variety with respect to their functions and price range. For some people, a cheap winder bought on discount seems the best choice. For others, choosing a particular brand within the same kind of watch winder is the issue. Aesthetics or appearance of the winder and its features are also important things to consider before buying. Let’S look at the two main types of swiss replica watches


Manual winders work by using screwed crowns. These are the more traditional style of winders with a main disadvantage: you have to remember winding on time and there is some degree of wearing down of the crowns each time you wind the watch. 


An automatic winder runs by means of an internal IC electronic circuit. It comes pre-programmed from the manufacturer such that it automatically turns on and off after a specified period of time. No human intervention is required to turn the winder on. Due to this facility, automatic watch winders have recently enjoyed immense popularity. 

Types of Swiss Watch Winders&Nbsp;

When you are out for your first watch winder purchase, consider buying a Swiss watch winder. Like Swiss watches, Swiss companies like Penelop make high quality watch winders. Sadly, some manufacturers of watch winders declare themselves as Swiss when in reality they use only Swiss mechanisms (Their winders are not originated in Swiss locations). If the country of origin matters to you be sure that you buy a real Swiss winder. Also, consider buying a winder box or case to protect your winder.  &Nbsp;&Nbsp;

There are three main types of watch winders for you to buy as described below.


These can wind one or more watches and should be placed on a flat surface so as to hold the watch’s exterior. 


These normally come enclosed in a box and have an attractive appearance.  They are mainly composed from polished wood or leather and are nice to place on your room’s mantelpiece or in display cabinets. 


Extravagant watch winders combine the functionality and elegance of the functional and elegant watch winders. They can cost quite a bit, so carefully weigh the cost of the winder to the actual time piece or pieces you collect. 

Popular Brands&Nbsp;

Some of the more popular brands include the names Everwell, Wolf Design, Penelop, Scatola del Tempo, Steinhausen, and Eilux.&Nbsp;

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