• Timex Q Reissue immediately boomed and attracted the attention of watch-enthusiasts while it was first re-released in 2019,&Nbsp;Both globally and in Indonesia. At that time, many units were immediately sold-out, even more than one ‘broker’ sold them at a price many times higher than the original price. The question is, what triggers Timex Q Reissue to be so special that it is being hunted by a myriad of people and moreover, it is still popular today? In this article, will invite you to ‘Dissect’ &Nbsp;Review&Nbsp;Q Timex Reissue in full so that you are able to judge for yourself what the advantages of this iconic watch are. Come on, see!

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The&Nbsp;Original&Nbsp;Timex Q watch was released in 1979, and soon gained great popularity. Even though at that time, the European watchmaking industry was being rocked by the  replica watches uk and many other brands, such as Hamilton, for example, had to be sold to foreign companies. However, Timex has proven to be able to survive, even though inevitably it is necessary to participate in releasing a quartz watch so that it can compete with the “Onslaught” of quartz technology that is dominating the world. Timex Q, is one of the timex quartz watch series that was born in those eras. Although not the first quartz watch released by Timex, the Timex Q should be considered the most popular type. Not only because of the presence of quartz technology which is currently in vogue, this watch also has a really trendy design for the 1970s. Another special thing, Timex Q is also recognized as being an “alternative substitute” for people who have not been able to buy the GMT Master rolex. Having&Nbsp;Bezel&Nbsp;which is similar in color to Pepsi, the design is no less elegant, but sold together at a much more affordable price, so the popularity of Timex Q immediately skyrocketed among watch lovers.

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  • Not only from its unique and anti-mainstream size, the bezel system used in the Timex Q Reissue is also attractive. If you are a diver-watch enthusiast, you must be used to hearing a “Click” sound when the bezel is rotated. However, you won’t find that on the Q Timex Reissue, considering that this watch is designed with a friction bezel system, aka a bezel that can rotate smoothly in both directions. Unfortunately, many pecinta have complained about the absence of the GMT feature on this reissue even though the bezel model used is Gmt-Model bezel.

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Pros &Amp; Cons of Timex Q Reissue Although the release of the Q Timex Reissue was warmly welcomed and even sold out very quickly, there are always those who like and don’t like this one jenis. To be fair and so that you can judge this iconic watch style from many sides, let’s also know what advantages and disadvantages many people talk about from the Timex Q reissue version: Pros of Timex Q Reissue: Affordable Price =≫ Did you know that Timex Q Reissue is also often dubbed “Rolex GMT budget” by watch-enthusiasts? This is because with almost similar figures and complete features, this watch is marketed at a very affordable price, which is only IDR 2 million. “Perfect” Reproduction of the Original Version =≫ As previously explained, Timex Q Reissue has a look to features that are almost exactly the same as the original version. Whether it’s from the bracelet, domed-crystal, to the battery opening. This is quite rare to find in reissues of other watch models, which must have undergone some changes. Disadvantages of Timex Q Reissue: Quite Hard to Find =≫ As quoted from The Watch Company, Q Timex Reissue is one of the most sought after series even today. The availability of this watch at various official-sellers is often empty, so it is often used by many parties to sell it at double the price. But don’t worry, you can find a complete selection of Timex Q Reissue at Jamtangan.Com The good news is, you don’t have to bother looking for Timex Q Reissue in various places and even pay a higher price. Because at Jamtangan.Com, you can find many complete Q Timex Reissue models in just one place. In fact, with many promos and free shipping services throughout Indonesia, you can get a reissue version of this iconic clock at a more affordable price. As one of the most complete Timex Q Indonesia sales centers, you can get the most popular models such as Q Timex Root Beer, Pepsi, Falcon Eye, and many others here.

Is Timex Q Reissue Worth Collection?

The answer is yes. Apart from its originality which is thick with retro nuances, there are not many things that can be complained about from this release. If you are looking for a watch with a diver-watch design that is no less keren than luxurious brands like Rolex or Omega but is marketed at an affordable price, then Q Timex Reissue is the answer. Don’T forget the movement produced by Seiko and the big name Timex itself as a leading watch brand, so the quality of the Q Timex Reissue is even more worthy of consideration.


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